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24. Reschenseelauf

FROM 12/07/ TO 15/07/2023

Euro 228,-


A bell tower in the middle of the lake. Many visitors approach it, wondering, marvelling.
Why? What does this bell tower in Lake Resia tells us?

A well-designed path winds around the largest lake in South Tyrol. It invites to cycling, hiking and above all running. The 15.3 km circuit around the lake is one of the most beautiful routes for a running event in South Tyrol.

Towards the north you can admire a magnificent panorama towards Austria and Switzerland, while towards the south there is a unique view to the highest mountain, Ortlers and the Gran Zebru. The start and finish area of the circuit of Lake Resia is located directly at the historic church tower in Graun.

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3 x B&B a persona in double roome Euro 228,-